Thursday, 7 November 2013

Week 1: what I will attempt!

I spent a long time yesterday deciding what Indian dessert to make with cashew nuts... in the end I have gone for something called Kaju Katli (Kaju means cashew in Hindi). I have never tried it, but from what i found out about it, its and Indian sweet made for special occasions, especially for Diwali (the Indian festival of lights) which was last Sunday. It's a dessert where my star ingredient: 'cashews' features as the main ingredient and it feels like it will capture this week's festive context.
From what I can see, it's a sort of 'fudge' made from a cashew paste and thickened sugar, made exciting by infusing spices such as saffron, cardamon, ginger and cinnamon into the paste.
I cant wait to make it on Sunday (this will generally be my cooking/baking day).

Here is a photo of what it should look like:

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