Friday, 8 November 2013

Momories of India

So, I hinted at our trip to India a couple of posts ago, and since then I have been reminiscing about the amazing time we had and about how much the Indian culture and amazing people we met there touched us and I guess in a way changed our outlook ever since.
I remember reading a passage in my favourite book 'Shantaram' just before travelling, where the author said that one has to 'surrender' to India... and I guess I didn’t know what he meant until we got there... I certainly had to surrender my London notion of personal space very quickly and get used to crowds of people having no reservations about touching you!... but more importantly to completely surrender to their genuine smiles and amazing warmness and generosity... I can’t count how many people we met along the way to couldn’t be more hospitable and in one case even kidnapped us to their home and offered us their own beds just so that we could get up early enough to go to their Hindi temple drumming celebration and dressing of the elephants the next dawn.
I also often think about the yoga sessions we had at dawn on the rooftop of the monastery where we were staying with, a ‘real’ Yogi instructor... and sometimes when I am doing my morning Pilates my mind wanders to that place and looks for that sense of calm and well being.
And don’t even get me started on the backwaters and the tea plantations of Munnar... but the list is long and I wont bore you anymore... I’ll just make a quiet promise to return one day.

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